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Top 3 Free Ways to Market and Promote your Online Business

            Every business that wants to reach a broader consumer base, do cross-border trade, and ensure its services and products are quickly visible and accessible to its target market has to consider taking its operations online.

Setting up an online business can be rigorous, time-consuming, and has cost implications attached to it, but with recent technological innovations, free ways to market online businesses are becoming popular. Understanding customer search behavior gives businesses valuable insights into consumer preferences and helps conduct a GAP analysis (Adams, 2016). The top three ways of marketing online businesses are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media applications, and blogs and tutorials.

Search Engine Optimization

Paying attention to content quality and insightfulness, mobile usability, link profile, and Meta descriptions of a business website can make it more visible in search engines (Adams, 2016). A business that appears in the initial pages of a search engine will most likely have high web traffic that could translate to better product sales.

Social Media Applications

Using social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn helps a business engage with customers while also showcasing products (Adams, 2016). Any business that wants to become relevant in the business world today has to open social media pages and rigorously market using catchy posts.

Blogs and Tutorials

Blogs and tutorials are free but effective tools that help customers familiarize themselves with the product being marketed (Adams, 2016). Onsite and offsite SEO blogs and video tutorials hosted on YouTube but linked to a business website steer customers to the site and generate interest in product offerings.

There are many more free ways that a business can use to market and promote itself and its products online but utilizing these three ways gives a business a significant advantage that can ensure brand awareness and profitability.



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