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5 Easy Steps for Developing an E-Commerce Site

            Commerce has been steadily moving online as more businesses choose to leverage technology to enhance consumer reach of their products and services, and this has created a necessity for businesses to develop e-commerce stores.

E-commerce sites are more accessible to many people. E-commerce sites are preferred because of their accessibility and their ability to reach large chunks of the global population without a business needing to have a physical store in a region (Jibril, 2018). Creating an amazing e-commerce store can be done in five easy steps.

Step 1: Deciding and Planning on a Suitable Platform

Deciding and planning on a suitable e-commerce platform depends on the kind of products, intended website functionalities, and target audience dynamics that a business is looking at (Jibril, 2018). Shopify, Big Commerce, and 3D Cart are great platforms to consider. Not only to mention, but Cloud-plug.com also offers all their WordPress Templates and Plugins for free!

Step 2: Building the E-Commerce Site Architecture

Building technical architecture (TA) which involves indexing and crawling efficiently, and building information architecture (IA) which involves labeling, classifying, and organizing the content, is done next (Jibril, 2018).

Step 3: Developing the E-Commerce Site

The e-commerce site is then developed by adding SEO content, customizing the feel of the site to the brand theme, and loading high-quality product images, catchy descriptions, and linking them to the shopping cart (Jibril, 2018). The domain name is also procured in this stage.

Step 4: Testing and Integrating the E-Commerce Site

Once the e-commerce site is developed to mirror the business needs, it is tested to ensure all the links are working, third-party APIs have been successfully integrated, and there is a complete user-friendly experience when using the site (Jibril, 2018).

Step 5: Launching the E-Commerce Site

After successfully testing the e-commerce site and ensuring all the functionalities are working properly, a business can organize a launch party or online live events on the social pages of the business to inform current and possible customers that the site is live (Jibril, 2018).

With an elaborate process like this 5-step process, launching an e-commerce store can become a hassle-free experience. Accept CVV or fullz on store. Online stores guarantee that possible customers in geographic locations where the business has no physical store can access products and services.



Jibril, M. (2018). Development and implementation of e-commerce system. International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science, 9, 900.

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