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 4 Tricks That Will Improve Your Website Traffic

            Gaining a significant market share in business today often comes down to how well a business can deploy and utilize effective marketing tools that target customers and influence them to make a purchase.

As more businesses take operations online to tap into a global market, driving web traffic to a business’s website and social pages is becoming inevitable. Despite many businesses having excellent products and quality service, the reason they are unable to make lead conversions is that they do not know how to leverage online tools to drive web traffic (Chakrabortty & Jose, 2018). Tricks like online advertising, email marketing, guest posts, and posting on Q&A forums can help increase website traffic to a business site.

Online Advertising

Online advertising leverages consumer interests and is used to offer extensive coverage of services and products on third-party pages through graphic content that links back to a business website when clicked (Chakrabortty & Jose, 2018). Common forms of online advertising are Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and YouTube Ads.

Email Marketing

Email marketing uses a pre-existing customer database to send targeted marketing and promotional emails to customers that generate interest and make customers visit business sites to view the product offering (Chakrabortty & Jose, 2018). With the recent popularity of email clients like Mailchimp, email marketing campaigns have become easier.

Guest Posts and Posting on Q&A Forums

Writing a guest post with insightful and interesting information on a popular blog or social media page and expertly answering questions by customers in Q&A forums is an effective way of driving web traffic to a business website (Chakrabortty & Jose, 2018). As customers in forums like Quora look through responses to questions in their area of interest, they are compelled to visit the business links of solution-driven responses.

These four tricks while not the only present solutions, are easy to use and have a high success rate for driving web traffic to a business’s website and social pages. High web traffic often drives sales as more interested customers choose to try out products and services.



Chakrabortty, K., & Jose, E. (2018). Relationship analysis between website traffic, domain age and Google indexed pages of e-commerce websites. IIM Kozhikode Society & Management Review7(2), 171-177.

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